A Night With Sheela in Red Light Area Kamathipura, Mumbai

Kamathipura is a red light area in Mumbai. It is one of the biggest red light areas having thousands of prostitutes in the world. I have heard about this place many times. So I went to this red light area last year. This is my story, my sexual encounter with a prostitute Sheela. Read my story below and book escorts in Chandigarh now.

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Mumbai is always known as the city of dreams. But have you ever been there? Do you know about the major beauty of Mumbai? Like you, I also used to think that Mumbai is the city of dreams because of its beautiful travel attractions, employment opportunities, and development areas. I always used to consider Mumbai as the major travel destination where there are many things to explore and enjoy. But when I went to Mumbai, my thoughts about the city changed completely.

Kamathipura gave me a complete package of lust, romance, and sexual fun

My name is  Siddharth, and I am now 26. It was the month of October last year when I, along with a few male friends, decided to go to Mumbai. We were all young and full of d sires to enjoy our trip with full potential. The scenic beauty of Mumbai city just stole our hearts and made us fall for the town. The exotic beaches, big malls, developed buildings, and hotels, everything was mesmerizing for our eyes. But, one thing which made us more attentive towards Mumbai was the beautiful girls. You can easily find Mumbai Escorts.

Yes, Mumbai has the most gorgeous and model-looking girls on every street and whatnot. These things made me feel sexually active, and I couldn’t control myself. I connected with an auto-rickshaw driver when I found a poster of the sexiest girl. In that poster, it is written, “Meet Me At Kamathipura.” Earlier, I was a little hesitant about it, but soon I asked the auto driver if he could tell me something about this poster and the place written over it. He said to me about Kamathipura being a red light area. He mentioned the beautiful and sexiest sex workers who are perfect to feel the utmost pleasure associated with romance and lovemaking.

My First Experience in Kamathipura Mumbai

I asked the driver if it was safer to go to Kamathipura. He mentioned you could visit kamarthi[pura without any second thought if you want to experience the most exotic sexual encounter of your life. That’s the time when I decided to move to Kamathipura. I directed the driver not to take me to my hotel room but to Kamathipura. I was sexually active and could not wait for more to meet the dream girl who could make e feel sexually active. As soon as I entered Kamathipura, the streets were lightened up. The area looked like a shabby old lane with numerous small shops, people having cigarettes, girls were right on the road to trap their clients.

It was very similar to the red light areas we used to see in movies and theatres. But I was still very hesitant as this was my first time in a red light area. I immediately opened my google to read more about Kamathipura Mumbai, bai. But before I could read, I came across a man who was having paan. His mouth was red, and saliva was almost out of his mouth. He asked me, are you there for the first time? I said yes. He then held my hand and dragged me towards a very old building, and I realized it was a brothel for sex workers. He made me meet Sheela. Sheela is a high-class escort in Mumbai.

Kamathipura is a red light area in Mumbai

He said she was Sheela, the most secure and intelligent lady of Kamathipura. Before He could say anything to me, she’ll hug me and kiss me on my neck. I was feeling completely clogged as never a girl herself kissed on my neck before. I Was actively and eagerly waiting for her to show me her sexiest nude body and make me feel the sexual pleasure. She said, let’s go and dive into the ocean of lust. Come, and fuck me hard and make me your slave. The way she talked and flirted with me, I was already seduced and attracted towards her. I removed her clothes; she was in a bra and panties when she pushed me on the bed and slowly pulled all my clothes.

I was all nude, lying in front of her when she sat over my big dick. She kissed all my body and sucked me hard. I still remember the hickeys and love bites she left on my flesh. I was so excited about her body that I removed her bra in no time. Her big inflated boobs were on my face, and I sucked them for so long. We kissed and bit each other’s lips for almost 15 minutes when she started to jump on my dick. And that’s when we began to fuck each other. Different sexual positions, so many sexual encounters, I was coming badly inside her pussy. It was mesmerizing for me to have such a great sex experience in Kamathipura.

We played between the sheets all night when it was morning, and Sheela was still full of nerves. This was the best sexual encounter of my life. Sheela will be my favorite sex worker throughout my life. She gave me unforgettable sexual memories that I would cherish to masturbate. Mumbai could not be so much fun without Sheela and Kamathipura.

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