Sexual Encounter With Sameer – Lisa’s Erotic Story

My Sexual Encounter With Sameer. Welcome to our Chandigarh Escorts Agency erotic stories page. I still remember it was a hot sunny day. Sunrays were too harsh but staying inside the house was not my choice. I decided to go to a pool party and asked my husband if he would like to join me. But, as usual, his work didn’t allow him to join me and I felt alone. I immediately booked my place in a cozy club and went for a pool party alone, of course, I was about to feel welcomed by many strangers.

sexual encounter with sameer
As soon as I entered that strange club, it didn’t seem very strange to me and I felt relaxed. Under a shady platform, there was a beautiful blue pool where men and women were hanging out together. This place had a different vibe and I just couldn’t resist myself. I jumped into the pool and was feeling much like a mermaid. Young men were getting romantic and I had no choice other than to feel jealous. My sexual cravings were increasing while looking at others romancing with their partners. Read more such stories at Chandigarh Escorts website.

How I Find My Dream Date Sameer in a Party?

And then, suddenly my eyes went on a man, tall, handsome with abs and a muscular body. He was damn sexy and exotic. He was standing by the pool shore with a glass of wine and was getting vicious for my innocent body. His hazel brown eyes were mesmerizing me and his physic was something that made me feel aroused. And suddenly, I was craving to feel his touch. I hesitated a bit earlier but my intimate desires pushed me towards him. I stood beside him and took a glass of whisky. While I was trying to talk to him, he gazed at me and asked my name in a very soft voice. I told him, I’m Lisa. Read more such stories at Escorts Chandigarh.

It is when he is told that his name is Sameer. Initiating further conversation,
Lisa: What are you doing here alone? Where’s your partner?
Sameer: Well, I’m all alone here, single but all set to get mingle.
But beautiful, why are you standing alone.
Lisa: With twinkling eyes, I finally expressed, who said I’m alone, I have you, isn’t it?
Sameer: Smart Girl! You seem to be very adventurous
Lisa: Come here, I’ll show you what a thriller is!

He kept his wine glass and pulled me close to him holding my waist and I just couldn’t control it. We locked lips near the pool shore and finally with closed eyes, locked lips, I decided to cheat on my husband. Looking into my eyes which his hands on my tight butt, Sameer said, Let’s go darling, and with our rising sex drive, we immediately got ourselves locked in a room of that club.

Read about My Sexual Experience with Sameer

We were desperately kissing and biting each other’s lips and I pushed him on a couch. I immediately removed his shirt and started kissing him all over his muscular body and that is why my hands touched his big tight dick! Damm, it felt too hard to touch. My desperation and cravings increased and he kissed my neck, my orgasm touched heights and I removed his pants. I played with his nuts for a while while he was pressing my boobs tightly.

And slowly I started licking his big long hard dick. Juicy dick was too fat for my sensitive mouth to suck all over but my cravings were too high, I didn’t stop. He pulled my hair and put his cock right inside my mouth, slowly-slowly his speed and roughness increased and I was enjoying it. Heaven was in my mouth and I lost all my senses. I sucked and sucked harder, he was moaning. He pushed me back and jumped over me like I was his only bed.

He fingered too fast and sucked my clit. He came up, played with my boobs as they were his
personal toy, tickling and pressing, he was on fire. While sucking my big and chubby boobs, he put his dick inside my creamy vagina. Oh My God!!! It felt too awesome, I realized that I was missing this craze and fun with my husband. His sex drive was too high and the self no space for air to pass by us, we were so close. Our desperation to explore each other didn’t allow us to think of any protection and we were enjoying ourselves for more than 35 minutes. Sometimes, he was on me while other times I was jumping over his big fat dick. It was sensual and passionate. Sex didn’t seem to me so nice ever before. This handsome hunk made me feel heaven in that four-walled room.
While he was penetrating in me, he jerked all his sperms inside me and whispered in my ears, baby you are too erotic, I shut his mouth with my lips on it and we did it till my mobile phone rang and we realized that we are perfect sex partners for each other. He gently kissed my lips and gave me my clothes to wear. Sameer left the room.
It was then that I first decided to cheat on my husband. It was an adventurous sex ride that filled me with pleasure. Satisfaction was of another level and I got to realize that my busy husband never really satisfied me.
It was a sin I would love to do again and again!

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